Welcome to all artists

Please read the following to learn if a performance by you would both fit you as an artist and us as a venue. 1) Due to our music permit issued by the council and the nature of our venue we can only accept performances with acoustic instruments and with original songs. In music we see volume as an instrument; Like any other instrument to be used as an added value and not as an all overriding factor. With this we also respect those who have their homes in our vicinity. 2) Our venue is a small listening room which can hold some 50 to 60 seats. 3) Our stage is 3.5 x 3.5 meters (or 10x10 feet to our overseas visitors) and holds a maximum of 5 performers at a time. 4) We have a PA system with the following: 4 x Vocal mics SM58 quality 2 x T-Bone EM 700 instrument mics 1 x AKG P120 condensor mic 4 x Ultra DI/DI100 6 x Mic boom-stand 2 x Monitor 2 x TMX - 1350 3 way sound box 1 x Amplifier Music Store Power Maxx MS 6500 Board with 10 channels Phantom power Reverb Further more there is an electric piano. An Yamaha Arius YDP-160. Two guitar stands 5) Music performers are expected to bring two 45 minute sets to our stage. 6) For performers from afar we offer accomodations for up to a maximum of 5 people. (In case of need we can bring the total of sleeping accommodations to 7) A meal before the show and breakfast the next day is included. Drinks are included within reason. 7) The artists receive 100% of the money made at the door. In general the entree fee is set at € 12.50, but it is up to the artist to set his/her/their entree fee. Artists are allowed to sell their merchandise.    8) Our performing programm is as follows: Friday evening the stage is for Singer/Songwriters in the genres Folk, Americana and/or Blues music. Saturday evenings is for small theater acts like Stand up Comedy, Poetry, Recitals etc. If after reading this you want to apply for a performance, this is what we would like you to do. Sent us an email to: info@peterenleni.nl In it we would like to find the following: An introduction to who you are and what you do and a link to your website. Musicians please supply us with links to; music with full lenght songs and, most important, video’s of live performances. If you don’t get a reply from us within 5 weeks please accept that we don’t have a place for you at this stage in time.
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